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Contour Chandelier

Our journey of Remole began in 2017, driven by our founders' background in interior design and an awareness where modern lifestyles is disconnected with nature. As per data ,we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, Remole set out to bridge this gap by offering a range of products made out of natural materials.

We started our ideation from  furnishings made of natural fibers to indoor paints derived from organic sources, and from air purification systems to planter boxes that enhance oxygen levels, we aimed to reintroduce the essence of nature into indoor spaces. Our innovative solutions also include the Heliostat, which brings natural sunlight into even the deepest indoor areas to reduce the Vitamin D deficiency, and our signature product, the Lights from Reclaimed Wood.

Among our products,  wooden lights made from reclaimed wood have gained a significant popularity, infusing indoor spaces with a sense of natural warmth and authenticity. Whether illuminating a cozy living room or adorning a high-end lobby with a majestic 250-meter installation, Remole wooden lights democratize sustainability across indoor environments.

Each piece of wood we use carries a rich history, with origins dating back 50 to 60 years as teak trees, then serving various purposes for 30 to 40 years before being transformed into our lights.


It underscores a crucial lesson: age doesn't diminish relevance; instead, it showcases new fresh way how one can seamlessly integrate old into modern contexts without compromising their core essence.

Let's Celebrate history, wood, and sustainability through everyday products!

Our Story

Contour Chandelier

We hold natural materials in high regard, recognizing their existence much before humanity itself. This deep connection drives our commitment to these materials.


Additionally, sourcing natural materials sustainably aligns with our core values. We take pride in ethically transforming sustainably sourced natural materials into indoor products.

All of our lights are crafted from reclaimed teak wood with a rich history spanning 70-80 years. Through our craftsmanship, we breathe new life into these materials, transforming them into elements that illuminate and further enrich connection with nature.


Contour Chandelier

Our vision is for a world where sustainable and natural lifestyle products are part of everyday living, enhancing our connection to "The Nature ".


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